Onsite Machining


JUST WAITS SERVICES offers on site and in site machining services in

  • Flange Facing (0”-80”)
  • Pipe Cutting & End Beveling.(1”-56”)
  • Milling and Key Cuttings.
  • Drilling, Boring and Tapping etc.

JUST WAITS is doing flange facing from size 0” to 80” flanges with a finished machining surface being flat, Spigotted, raised face or ring grooves with a finished machining surface from fine gram phone (CLA 6-CLA 2000). And in Pipe
Cutting & end beveling we have a range from 4”-60”. Our combination of knowledge, skill, fast response, realistic pricing and above all the ability to get the job done without compromising the quality make us one of the fastest growing specialist in site machining services companies in the Kingdom.


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